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    PRODUCTS Products >> Pre-fabricated refrigerated cold stores and walk-in rooms
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    Superior design and dexterity that meets more cold storage needs with economy and efficiency. Absolute centralized control over engineering, manufacturing and installation under one roof means greater capacity to satisfy individual customer requirements to exact specifications.
    Unique design is recognized for its quality and superiority over any form of refrigerated storage construction previously available by architects engineers and industrialists.
    Walk-in(s)are pre-fabricated all metal clad and sectionally constructed for accurate and simple field erection with provisions for easy disassembly for future expansion or relocation.
    Panels Construction:
    Panels are manufactured with different dimensions to suit site conditions and meet the client's requirements with precision engineered 97% Polyurethane insulated panels. Fully interchangeable for fast and easy assembly. Panels consist of interior and exterior metals pans precisely formed with steel dies and roll formed equipment. The metal pans are placed into steel moulds and injected with liquid polyurethane. Polyurethane is foamed-in-place and completely heat cured binding tenaciously to metal pans to form a rigid insulated panels.
    The interior and exterior surfaces are finished with any one or a combination of the following:
    a. Bright galvanized steel 22 SWG(standard)
    b. Stucco embossed aluminum 0.042 inch thick.
    c. Stainless steel
    d. White high glass acrylic baked enamel with epoxy primer.
    e. Glass fibre reinforced plastic.
    Polyurethane is the latest and by far the most superior insulation for today's commercial refrigeration worldwide. The insulation of 5inches of polyurethane used in panels is equal to that of 14.5 inches of polystyrene.
    Peak insulation efficiency remains constant when foamed-in-place between metal skins. Polyurethane provides a constant density of approximately 97% closed cells that are stable, impervious to moisture and maintain low conductivity (“k” Factor) throughout the life of the unit. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation used in 2 pound/cft. Density with “U” factor rating of 0.118/cft. The insulation must remain stable at temperatures ranging between-60°F to +140°F.
    Panel Fastners:
    Vertical wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels joints are fastened together with steel cam action-speed locks. Each device consists of a precisely located cam lock and steel encased pin. The lock is actuated from the inside of the walk-in with a standard hex type alien wrench. Snap caps are used to close wrench holes
    a. When the floor panel is not specified, the walk-in will not be built into the floor. The walk-in is then designed for an insulated pit in the building floor.
    b. When a panel floor is requited, same construction, as the roof panels is used. A wearing surface of galvanized steel is furnished with polyurethane insulations to withstand uniformly distributed load upto 600 pounds per square ft.
    The doors are made in different sizes with hinged or sliding mechanism according to the individual user's needs. The doors are available in the same finish as that of the other panels and are insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane.
    Pressure Relief ports:
    Pressure relief ports are provided to equalize the difference of pressure between the interior and exterior caused by sudden temperature change due to opening/closing of doors, loading/unloading of products and defrosting of coils.
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